365 minus a few

by danielagins

Here is my 2011. Feel free to scan the months. The project is not complete, nor is it artistically relevant. Many of these pictures were taken simply because I set a reminder on my phone, which went off twice a day. There seems to be too many pictures of coffee, bacon, and alcohol. What does that say about my life? It does not paint an accurate picture of what really transpired inside my head.

The past year was easily the most challenging year I have lived to date. It wasn’t a bad year, it was simply filled with much craziness. From grad school, to house construction, to the birth of my second daughter – there was non-stop action. Looking back over the year in pictures has revealed to me just how quickly time moves. Looking back has also, hopefully, put me in a better spot to move forward. I have gained a new perspective about time and family and self. In the coming year I will make no resolution other than this: think and act for the future. For far too long I have lived only for the present, and this past year marked the rapid change into full-on adulthood. Perhaps “rapid change” is not exactly correct. This change has been coming over the past several years: buying a house (25), getting married (27), burying my younger brother (29), having a child (30), selling a house (in this market) (31), going back to school, building a new house and having a second child (32). And now here I am, at an age I had always marveled at growing up (33), and I don’t know why – although I suspect that attending Catholic school from 2nd grade until 10th grade maybe has something to do with it. All I know is that, while my daily photos do not document the change that has occurred – it has happened none the less. I am ready for what the future holds…